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PRO BROWS Masterclass ENG

PRO BROWS Masterclass ENG

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I am extremely pleased that you are interested in training with me. The training offer in 2023 is aimed at people who have already completed basic training. Nevertheless, a large part of this training will focus on supplementing knowledge in the field of pigmentology and showing you my Ombre Brows technique. The training takes place individually on a date agreed upon by us.


We intensely discuss theory and supplement its gaps, additionally, you will receive a comprehensive book containing complete theory in the field of PMU, to have a reference after the training. Then we discuss my work method, technique, and approach to permanent eyebrow makeup. I will show you my ways to properly select the pigment, needle, and drawing so that you achieve the effect you set for yourself. The training lasts two days, about 6 hours each day. If the training time extends for some reason, it will not be a problem. The most important thing for us is the final effect.

Training Plan:

9:30-10:00 Start, getting to know each other, discussing your previous work

10:00-11:30 Theory discussion - multimedia presentation: color theory, pigmentology, needles, machines, healing, working with the client, and legal aspects

11:30-12:30 Work on skins

12:30-13:00 Lunch break

13:00-16:00 Model demonstration First Day

Second Day

10:00-11:30 Practice of pigmentation technique on skins

11:30-12:00 Lunch break

12:00-16:00 Model for the trainee

16:00 Ceremonial conclusion - Presentation of accredited certificate and a glass of champagne and something sweet to eat


Take comfortable shoes, glasses (if you wear them), and black clothing. Additionally, bring the machine you work with and 4 cartridges*


Takes place at our salon at:

15 Derngate NN1 1TY, parking is available at ST JOHNS car park.

The cost of training is £1200 A deposit of £400 must be paid within 3 days of booking the date

Payment to: P.MU Paulina Mucha LTD

Sort code: 53-61-33

Account number: 66303664

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