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BIAB overlay pace and durability ENG

BIAB overlay pace and durability ENG

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Attention, this is a presale offer, the course price after release date will be £99!
The course release date is 31.10, that is when you will be able to access it.
Online course, which you can access anytime at your own convenience!
Learn how to work with Hard Builder Gels in Bottle without filing!
Create Perfect Curvature in NO TIME!
Save at least 30 minutes on each application!
Build durable Overlays which clients will enjoy for weeks!
Course consists theoretical part and practical part. All in videos!
- the ideology of Gels, what are the chemical differences
- the strength axis: when to choose which product (based on lenght/flexibility and PH of natural
nail plate)
- best products for Overlays
- perfect nail and cuticles preparation for BIAB : type adhesions for products comparing to nail
plate PH and lypids
- what are common time consuming mistakes
- what has an impact on product lifting and how to avoid it
- treatment presentation on 2 models (treatment with voice all time)
- French & Colour

BONUS1 how to prepare hands for perfect pictures
BONUS 2 pictures and videos - camera settings and my accessories
*Online certificate participation
* 3 Case studies - you can send your 3 works to analyse and receive educator comment and help
how you can fix mistakes in application
* Access the videos and watch anytime at comfort of your house, it means you can rewatch them
and replay
* Only presale offer will allow unlimited access, than access will be limited to 6 months
* 50 people will be able to join on presale offer
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