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Mucha Beauty Specialist

Beauty exclusive ENG

Beauty exclusive ENG

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Beauty Exclusive,

Why this course is FOR YOU?!
Are you having problems in working with the clients? Your beauty business is not growing further?
You feel like you are in the blind spot? Or you simply don't know where to start and get the
momentum going?

This course is your FIRST CHOICE

The market if OVERLOADED:
Various services, service providers and beauty salons. Customers really have a lot to choose
from, and this training will teach you how to make them choose you over others and stay with
YOU for longer.

Be one step AHEAD!
Beauty Exclusive this is a training that not only fills a gap in the training offer on the Beauty
Training Market, but also jointly starts a revolution at the right time. Together we will use the fact
of excess and create something amazing - a luxury service.

Moreover, I will give you ALL my knowledge and experience that I have collected over 6
years of running my Beauty business:

- You will learn who the customer is in your business and learn their role in order to consciously
attract him.
- How to make your services luxurious in the eyes of customers
- How to create a luxury brand and make people recognise you immediately
- I will show you what your business should look like to attract the right target group and how to
work with certain people
- Social Media: how to run it, what posts to add and when: adding posts and ready-made ideas
for posts and stories - list specially for you
- Customer service: First of all, you will learn how to consciously work with people in a beauty
salon - i.e. with customers. How to do it consciously so that the people around you are happy
and satisfied, and come back for more.
- You will learn the secrets of marketing from within of the beauty salon and I will tell you what
works best to receive many messages from potential customers, even without developed social
- Regulations, insurance, client records : I will protect you from the stress of unpleasant
situations, you will learn how to avoid any bad consequences.
- You will learn what a beauty salon should look like from A-Z, and you will learn the legal
aspects behind it
- We will discuss in detail the price list, service calculator and when and how to increase prices

- Deposit - security deposit - reservation fee - I will show you how not to waste money.


Bonus 1: creating unique graphics for your living room in CANVA or STUDIO (value £49)
Bonus 2: advertising - creating sales posts that attract customers (£19)
Bonus 3: how to get out of difficult situations - problematic client, how to work and talk
with him (£19)
Bonus 4: Photography/Accessories/Camera & Lighting Settings for Eye-Catching Images
Plus Editing & Creating Quick Rolls for Instagram + Transitions (£49)
*The bonuses themselves are worth £139, and you get them absolutely FREE when you
join and complete the entire training


The training will consist of two comprehensive lessons per month (in video form) - to be
completed at any time, homework assignments, quizzes and surveys, and additionally one
monthly live meeting where we will analyse and discuss progress together (meetings will be

recorded). , access to a closed Support Group on Whatsapp where we support and motivate each
And all this for only £49 per month for four months (that's how long the program lasts), or when
you pay in advance £150 (you save as much as 1 month of payments)! I think it goes without
saying that the investment will pay off with an addition and that this is an opportunity you simply
cannot miss! But additionally, it's a chance to develop and get out of your comfort zone, as well
as a great opportunity to take your business to a higher LEVEL.
*if paying monthly, you can cancel at any time.
During the program: you can feel free to contact me for advice, to clear your doubts or even just
to share the SUCCESS that I am sure you will achieve.
During the training, I want to LEAD YOU by the hand and show you a shortcut to the place that it
took me 6 years to get to on my own.

The first lesson is on Octobre 7 - you can't miss it

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