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Manicure pusher EXPERT 51 TYPE 2 (slanted pusher and loop pusher) 51/2 staleks

Manicure pusher EXPERT 51 TYPE 2 (slanted pusher and loop pusher) 51/2 staleks

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The STALEKS PRO EXPERT 51 TYPE 2 PE-51/2 cuticle pusher is a professional tool designed for manicure and pedicure purposes. Its "slant pusher" working part is used for lifting and pushing back rough and firmly attached cuticles. The working part has a bevel that ensures comfort and precision during use. Another working part of the tool is the "ring," which is intended for cleaning the nail plate from pterygium. Pterygium is an excess of skin that can accumulate on the nail plate.

The cuticle pusher is professionally hand-sharpened, providing sharpness and durability. The blade is made of stainless steel 08X18H10 (AISI 304), which offers high corrosion resistance, guaranteeing the durability and hygiene of the tool. The cuticle pusher has a grooved handle, improving grip in the hands and ensuring secure and comfortable use. The matte surface of the handle is pleasant to touch and prevents slipping.


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