Paulina Mucha

Owner of Mucha beauty / Nails Project

Mission & Vision

My name is Paulina Mucha and I am founder and director of Nails Project and Mucha Beauty, with my wide experience and expertise I am helping my clients to feel beautiful and other beauty professionals to grow in the Beauty Field. 

As a bilingual Educator I can teach you in Polish and in English.

I have trained in the Industry with one of the top techs and brands, that is what is helping me to provide best services in area and teach on the highest possible level


Many years of experience learned me how to participate and organise big events such as fashion weeks or nail competitions, how to work and manage big and busy salons, and how to teach big classes online and live. 

All this experience learned me how to be persistent in what you do and how to consequently pursue your goals. That is the knowledge and vibe I want to pass to my students.


As a person who learns quick I very often like to invest in my career and into my development, so I can provide you the best training and treatment experience. Our life is a continuous journey of learning and making mistakes, that is why I can assure, you are in the right place.

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